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Cameron C. Bamberger

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Cameron Bamberger is proud to advocate for you in pursuit of getting what you want. She is not only tough and experienced, but loyal, empathic, and always on your side. She will stand by you and stand up for you. She practices keeping a distance between your interests and her own. Cameron considers her relationship with her clients to be of the utmost importance.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Cameron moved to San Francisco in 1990 and has been a full-time real estate agent in San Francisco since 2002. Her first deal was a TIC with a group loan that won the condo lottery during contract negotiations. Today, she represents sellers and buyers of all property types: houses, condos, lofts, stock cooperatives, TICs and multi-unit buildings. She works primarily in San Francisco, but has also helped clients in the East Bay and North Bay.

Cameron moved to the Sotheby’s International Realty - San Francisco brokerage in 2018 because the brand aligns well with her own in terms of quality and excellence of service.

In both her business and personal life, Cameron strives to do the following:

- To be accomplished and to derive pleasure from achievement and creativity.
- To move through the world with confidence, competence, and integrity.
- To interact with others coming from a place of peace, calm and authenticity.
- To recognize a sense of belonging and to always be working towards self-actualization.

Cameron has an MFA in live action film from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA in performance art from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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